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Basics to Electronics

Online Resources

Introductory Video

Informative Powerpoint

Testing Material

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Lets look at the flow

While not necessary, we provide a recommended flow for educators. This outlines how each item was designed to flow, but if you want to teach it your way you can still teach each item individually.

Assemble Kits


Watch Video


Present PowerPoint


Test Material (Optional)

The video is only 5 minutes long, it goes over what is inside the kit and tips to take away before completing the kit. One key takeaway in this video is the visual demonstration on the different types of soldering in the kit. With a funny moments in the video this is a greater ice breaker for the topic of electronics and soldering!

If you intend to use the testing material at the end of the course, this presentation is necessary as it goes over all the questions on the test. The presentation goes over a lot of information to encourage the students in what they are about to complete and how it can be for a real world job. The presentation is interact-able so at the end there is a view of all the instructions for the kits in the classroom package. 

With the end of your powerpoint being the instructions for all kits. If a student needs help on a step you can quickly find it and have it projected to go over what the student may be confused about.

if you want to assign the testing material to see how well the students retained the important real world information this test is 8 questions. There are two versions of the test to avoid copying. Finishing the kit is important, but retaining the knowledge for their future is a much better goal to complete.

Introductory Video

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