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Soldering For Success

Teaching about electronics just got a lot easier.

We offer a step by step experience that teaches kids about circuit boards, all while having fun.

Classroom Whats Included

Basics to Electronics - Classroom Package

We make it easy on the teacher

House Kit

House Kit

 Piece together a tech haven with ease using the House Kit and its step-by-step instructional videos. Learn about LEDs and resistors while you create a glowing masterpiece. Expert technicians guide you through the building process for a successful and satisfying experience.

Spaceship Kit

Spaceship Kit

Discover the world of soldering with our beginner-friendly spaceship kit. This 2/5 difficulty kit teaches about resistors, LEDs, power switches, and battery holders. Build skills with comprehensive educational cards. Create a hanging display with a crescent moon, fun aliens, and LEDs. Kit includes instructions, batteries, and so much more.

Tree Kit

Tree Kit

Perfect for beginners, this kit provides a challenging but accessible introduction to electronics, including LEDs and resistors. The large size of the tree is easily constructed in two pieces, creating a beautiful display that will inspire your students and spark their imagination.

In Addition to Your Kits You'll Get...

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Educational Videos

Empower your teaching with 3D Circuitry's instructional videos. Our in-house technicians guide students step-by-step, ensuring a successful and satisfying building experience. These videos relieve soldering frustrations and create an engaging learning environment.

Projector | 3D Circuitry Powerpoint

Educational Powerpoint

Get a head start on your lessons with 3D Circuitry's educational videos. These videos provide a preview of basic information and serve as an introduction before diving into more detailed presentations. Get students excited about electronics and start your lessons off on the right foot with these helpful resources.

3D Circuitry Testing Material

Testing Materials

Assess student understanding with 3D Circuitry's testing material. Offering multiple test variations, these resources provide a convenient way to evaluate student progress. Use them as a comprehensive evaluation tool or choose to skip grading, giving you the flexibility to adapt to your specific teaching needs.

Here's How Students Will Learn:


Real World Materials, Real World Science

Each kit allows students to work with soldering irons by working with real circuit boards and components.


Instructions That Make Sense

Easy to understand, step-by-step instructions that can be displayed both physically and digitally.


Interesting Educational Facts

All of our kits come with educational facts about the key components in that kit. These facts are very useful outside of the kit.

Marker Line

No Tools?

3D Circuitry Tools Included

No Problem!

All of our kits offer a "Tools Included" option. If selected you receive a soldering iron, diagonal cutter, PCB holder, solder, sponge, and different soldering iron tips. Everything you need to solder and more can be purchased right here with no hassle.

Lets look at the flow

While not necessary, we provide a recommended flow for educators. This outlines how we would teach our product, however, they can be displayed any way that best suites your classroom. Also, each item individually provides tremendous supplemental education to your lesson plan. 


Watch Video


Present PowerPoint


Assemble Kits


Test Material (Optional)

This 5 minutes long video goes over what is inside the kit and has tips for completing the kit. One key takeaway in this video is the visual demonstration on the different types of soldering connections. With funny moments in the video, this is a greater ice breaker for the topic of electronics and soldering!

If you intend to use the testing material at the end of the course, this presentation is necessary to go over all of the questions prior test. The presentation covers a lot of information to encourage the students in what they are about to complete and how it translates to a future career. At the end of the slides, there is an interactive view of all the instructions for the kits in the classroom package. 

Using the slides at the end of the presentation, a student needing help on a step can quickly attain it with the kit instructions. By viewing the instructions on the slide students may more affectively alleviate confusion, if any.

Testing material is a great way to see how well the students retain important concepts in the basics of electronics. This test is 8 questions. There are currently two versions of the test to avoid copying. Though finishing the kit is important, ensuring students retain the knowledge is the more critical objective through these educational materials.

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