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About 3D Circuitry

Our company, 3D Circuitry, was founded on the mission of exposing young minds to the exciting world of electronics. Our CEO, Reese Houseknecht, had a passion for soldering from a young age and saw the need for a more accessible and engaging way for kids to learn about this field. With years of research and development, our STEM kits have evolved into affordable and visually appealing projects with easy-to-follow instructions. Our goal is to inspire and motivate kids to pursue careers in STEM and our company is dedicated to continuously improving the educational experience through our products. We believe that the future of technology and innovation rests in the hands of the next generation and we are committed to empowering them through hands-on learning.

Our Story

3D Circuitry was born from the dreams and determination of a group of individuals from a small town in Pennsylvania. United by their love for distance running and a passion for hands-on learning in electronics, they combined their experiences in marketing, mechanical engineering, and project operations to bring 3D Circuitry to life. Despite the challenges they faced, including the deployment of one of their executives to the Middle East, the team remained steadfast in their commitment to the business. They are driven by a vision of making 3D Circuitry a household name and providing innovative STEM kits that inspire and educate the next generation of engineers and innovators. Their passion and hard work ensure that each kit remains cutting-edge, giving rise to the next wave of STEM careers.

Meet The Team

Meet the dynamic team behind 3D Circuitry, dedicated to making STEM learning accessible and enjoyable for young minds. Reese Houseknecht, with his expertise in operations, ensures that orders are packed efficiently and inventory is well-tracked. He is constantly seeking ways to streamline operations. Ethan Knoebel leads all marketing and sales efforts, bringing 3D Circuitry's message to customers and businesses alike. Carter Houseknecht, with his financial acumen, explores new opportunities to grow the company, including applying for grants and leveraging connections. Together, this talented trio brings a wealth of experience and passion to 3D Circuitry, making it a leader in STEM education for kids.


Our company is dedicated to helping individuals who have shown a passion for 3D circuitry at a young age to transition their skills into practical applications that align with the demands of the modern world.  Through our STEM kits designed for kids aged 12 and above, we empower young minds to explore the possibilities of 3D circuitry. As these talented individuals grow and enter the workforce, we provide them with invaluable internships that offer a bridge between their childhood fascination and real-life applications. 

Our internship program offers a unique and comprehensive experience, allowing interns to engage with various aspects of our business and work closely with professionals in the field. By providing opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and exposure to different roles, we ensure that these young talents gain a well-rounded understanding of the industry and its potential.


As a forward-thinking high-tech company, we remain committed to effective communication and the development of both future and current generations. Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to empower individuals with the tools they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


Sky Lou

Swift Developer

Davidson College


Aiden Lefebvre

Digital Marketer

Dickinson College


Jake Wolfe

Swift Developer

University of Pennsylvania


Jackson Getz

UI / UX Designer

Drexel University


Karina Lesniewski

Digital Marketer

University of Pittsburgh


Russel Blust

Electrical Engineering

Penn State University


Mollie Veres

Digital Marketer

University of Scranton

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