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Aviation Kit Online Resources

Introducing our aviation MINI kit - the perfect way to explore the fascinating world of electronic hardware! With intricate circuitry and blinking LED lights, this kit offers a fun and engaging way to deepen your understanding of basic electronics and hone your soldering skills. The kit includes a Cessna plane and a helicopter, both of which light up when connected to the airport circuit board. Designed for proficient users seeking a more advanced DIY experience, this kit is perfect for those looking to take their circuitry skills to the next level. To make building even easier, step-by-step instructional videos are provided featuring expert guidance from our in-house technicians. With our commitment to providing innovative and engaging products, the aviation MINI kit is an excellent way to learn and express your creativity!


Aviation Instruction Video

Our aviation kit video provides a helpful resource for anyone looking to assemble their own kit or who may be confused by the instructions. The video showcases one of our skilled team members expertly soldering the kit together from start to finish, with informative notes on-screen detailing each step of the process. Additionally, simple safety precautions are outlined to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Watching the video provides an engaging and informative way to learn about the various components of the kit and how they fit together, making the assembly process much easier to understand.

Aviation Kit Instructions Title
Aviation references
Aviation Must Read Front
Aviation Must Read Back
Aviation Instructions Step 1
Aviation Instructions Step 2
Aviation Instructions Step 3
Aviation Instructions Step 4
Aviation Instructions Step 5
Aviation Instructions Step 6
Aviation Instructions Step 7
Aviation Instructions Step 8
Aviation Instructions Step 9
Aviation Instructions Step 10

Interactive Card Table

Our interactive card table is a digital format of the instruction cards that come with your aviation kit. To use the table, simply click and drag around the cards to view them, and click on a specific card to open a larger view.

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