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spaceship circuit board

Unleash Your Inner Engineer


Our kits are affordable, easy to assemble, and provide a fun learning experience.

3D Circuitry Galaxy Mini
3D Circuitry Crab
Helicopter Circuit Board
Regular Soldering Circuit Board

Soldering Can Be Difficult.

Let's be honest, soldering doesn't come naturally. Starting from scratch or trying to transition from breadboards to soldering can be frustrating and can discourage from continued learning about electronics.  

Now It's Fun And
Easy To Learn. 

Our kits are specifically designed to be easy and fun  for anyone ages 12 and up. Each kit teaches you how to solder custom, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and components!

Soldering 3D Circuitry Kit

I Am An...

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Whats Inside A Kit
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What's Inside a Kit?

Tree Instruction Cards

Instruction Cards

Our instruction cards have a matte, scratch-free finish and are easy to handle. Each card is packed with educational and fun information for completing the kit.

Educational Cards

Education Cards

Each kit features hexagonal cards with important facts on useful components. Complexity varies with kit difficulty. Collect all of the cards to learn about electronics.

Tree Kit Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards

PCBs form the foundation of each kit and shape the project into a unique electronics design. They feature simple component and PCB connections for easier soldering.

Tree Kit Components


Our kits have varying, new key components for growing electronics knowledge and challenges.

9V Battery Included


Batteries are included for immediate use and enjoyment of our kits. They are the kit's primary power source.

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No Tools?

3D Circuitry Tools

No Problem!

All of our kits offer a "Tools Included" option. If selected, you receive a soldering iron, diagonal cutter, PCB holder, solder, sponge, and different soldering iron tips. Everything you need to solder and more can be purchased right here with no hassle.


Age Recommendation

Our 3D circuitry kits are rated for individuals aged 12 and above for safety reasons and to ensure the best possible understanding of the kit. These kits contain small parts and require the use of tools that may pose a hazard to younger individuals. Additionally, the concepts and techniques involved in building and using the kit may be more challenging for younger individuals, so a minimum age of 12 is recommended for the best experience. By limiting the age range to 12 and above, we aim to provide a safe and fulfilling experience for all users.


Why 3D Circuitry

If you're looking for a way to encourage STEM education and foster a love for electronics, 3D Circuitry is the perfect solution. Our kits are designed to relieve the frustration often associated with soldering and create an engaging and interactive learning experience. With detailed instructions and videos, children of all levels can bring their ideas to life and grow their skills in a fun and exciting way. By choosing 3D Circuitry, you're providing your child with a unique opportunity to learn and explore the fascinating world of electronics, inspiring their curiosity and sparking a lifelong passion for STEM. Our kits are also certified, further ensuring your kids will have fun and learn throughout the experience!


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